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  Free Shipping For Orders Over 1000 EGP ! Hurry Up

  Free Shipping For Orders Over 1000 EGP ! Hurry Up

  Free Shipping For Orders Over 1000 EGP ! Hurry Up

  Free Shipping For Orders Over 1000 EGP ! Hurry Up

  Free Shipping For Orders Over 1000 EGP ! Hurry Up

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8 نوفمبر، 2023

41 “No” that will make you happier

Many people think that the right path to happiness is to say “yes” to everything good. Perhaps it is, but this is only one side of the coin. Too often we say “yes” to what it would be worth abandoning. The list of such things was made by the blogger Danny Forest.

To feel happy, learn to say no:

1. Excessive self -criticism

You are almost always better than yourself thinking about yourself.

2. Procrastinations

Stop thinking and get down to business. Marcus Aurelius said: “A person should not be afraid of death, but that he will not begin to live”.

3. Outlining yourself

Do not concentrate on shortcomings, strive to become better. “Remember: someone loves just what you hate yourself,” Frank Ocean, an American musician and photographer.

4. Egoism

Learn to give, because, as you know, egoists remain alone.

5. Perfection

Do not waste time on the desire for an unattainable ideal. Most often, it’s enough to do something good. As Winston Churchill wrote: “Perfection is the enemy of progress”.

6. Excuses

Ask yourself three times: “Why?”And you will understand the real reason. American scientist, teacher and preacher George Washington Carver said: “99% of losers are people who are used to inventing excuses”.

7. The habit of comparing yourself with others

Do not look back at competitors, engage in yourself. “Comparison is a thief of pleasure”, ”Theodore Roosevelt.

8. Impulsive decisions

Try to think about every important step.

9. Harmful food

It seems that healthy dishes are tasteless? The longer you give them preference, the tastier they will become. Take care of your body – the very “place” in which you live.

10. Lunch pass or dinner

To function normally, the brain should receive food. Eat better, not less. Remember the sad pattern: “Passing for eating -> hunger -> binge eating -> weight gain “.

eleven. Abuse of a car

15 minutes on foot to the nearest store? On foot and go. As Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Walking is the best of possible exercises. Accustom yourself to long walks “.

12. Translation of the alarm clock

Focus on the target and set so hard deadlines that the thought “for another five minutes” does not occur.

13. Daily parties

Parties themselves are fine, but not every day. Do not forget about the goals and lay the time on a good rest. Oscar Wilde said: “Everything needs moderation, even in moderation”.

14. Pathogens before bedtime

Nothing should interfere with full sleep, because, as the Dalai Lama says, “sleep is the best meditation”.

15. Long road to work

Try to spend as little time as possible on activities that do not serve your goal. If the road to the office takes a long time, at least try to read or listen to podcasts.

16. Everything that distracts

It is impossible to do something global, constantly distracting from trifles. When you need to complete a big task, try to protect yourself from any irritants.

17. For what interferes with personal progress

Toxic friend? We block. Too many series on Netflix, video games? We block. Return to this when it is time to relax.

18. Reading that does not bring joy

It is not necessary to read the book, an article or even a post in social networks simply because I started. The author still does not know about this. Stop reading what does not give pleasure, so you will have time for something pleasant. “Life is too short to read a bad book,” wrote James Joyce.

19. The completion of useless affairs

Plan, place priorities, perform only important tasks. Listen to the advice of the American economist Peter Drucker: “There is nothing more useless than effectively doing work that you do not need to do at all”.

20. Planning what you just need to do

As the legendary slogan Nike said: “Just do it!”

21. Those who just take

Better more often say “yes” to those who are used to giving.

22. Social networks

Remove from the phone Facebook (an extremist organization banned in Russia) and Instagram (extremist organization prohibited in Russia). You just have an extra free hour (and not only today, but every day).

23. Outlines of others

Start best to treat people. Do not hate, do not compose or gossip. Do not act with others as they would not want to do with you.

24. Listening to gossip

Gossip is poisoned. Avoid those who spread rumors and constantly complain of others. As the Turkish proverb says, “the one who gossips with you will gossip about you”.

25. Skeptics

According to Arianna Haffington, the editor-in-chief of the American online publication The Huffington Post: “Skeptics do not affect us-except that we ourselves allow them this”. It seems to be worth taking note.

26. Bad habits

Do not let yourself be stuck in a routine that interferes with productivity. According to American entrepreneur Warren Buffett, “the chains of habits at first are so easy that you don’t even feel them, but after so heavy that you can no longer drop them”.

27. Unplanated meetings

Natural collections and meetings stretch too long and in fact do not bring any benefit. Try to avoid them. “Decorganization always affects effectiveness,” said the 34th US President Dwight Eisenhauer.

28. Too long glider

During meetings with colleagues, do not let them be distracted, return to the original topic. It sounds sharply, but in the end they will be grateful to you. As the American jazzman Miles Davis said: “Time is not the most important thing, but the only thing that is generally important.”.

29. Bad clients

If the client behaves disrespectfully, do not waste time and energy on him, concentrate on those who are worth.

thirty. Good

Say “yes” not just good, but really great. “Good is the enemy of the Great,” says the American business consultant Jim Collins, it’s hard to disagree with him.

31. Flooded space

Disassemble the workspace, restore order among files, clean the mind.

32. Spontaneous answers to letters

Try to allocate a separate time to work with mail.

33. Personal affairs during work

Work at work, very soon it will bear fruit.

34. Working matters

on non -working hours

Here is similar: if you are at home, do your family. American business coach and speaker Jim Ron writes: “When you are at work, work. When you have fun, have fun. Do not mix one with the other “.

35. Tasks that can be delegated

The ability to delegate is a powerful super -voyage that each of us can find. “The art of delegation is one of the key skills that any entrepreneur is able to master. Finding people who will cope with the fact that it does not work out very well with you, you will free your time to plan the further development of the business, ”says entrepreneur Richard Branson.

36. Bad business partners

If you can’t agree, then it’s time to leave. “I cannot control your behavior, and I don’t want this. But I will not put up with disrespect, lies or bad appeal. I have standards – meet them or leave, ”writes the author of motivating books Steve Maraboli.

37. TV and sofa

Separate at least for a while with a losing will to focus on what is important.

38. Idleness

Wait until it prepares Latte or the file is loaded to the letter? Take care of something useful.

39. To what does not help to get closer to the goal

Question the expediency of what you are going to do.

40. Comparison that you cannot compare

Listen to the advice of Bill Gates: “Do not compare yourself with anyone. By doing so, you insult yourself “.

41. To his smartphone

Many truly productive people keep the phone in flight mode most of the day. “Technologies can be a best friend, but they can poison our lives. They interfere with think, dream and fantasize, ”Steven Spielberg is sure.

Ready to say “no” at least some points from the list? Do it now. Read an article on a smartphone? Just close the tab. The ability to say no is a skill that can and should be hidden and improved. For business!

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